Photochromic Biker Goggles

Photochromic Fit Over Goggles, lenses that change

Photochromic biker goggles give you the convenience of riding from the day into the night and not stopping to change eyewear. The lenses change with the available light. In fact, that is why we call our photochromic lenses and sunglasses Day2Nite. Our customers report being very happy as they continue to ride into the night as their lenses lighten. Keep in mind the following:

•Although these lenses darken in bright sunlight, they do not get as dark as a regular dark sunglass lens
•Photochromic lenses do not get quite as clear as a regular clear lens
•People who ride really like our photochromic biker goggles and sunglasses!

When our company, Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. began supplying the motorcycle world with sunglasses and goggles, photochromic biker goggles were difficult to find. In fact, there were few true options for motorcycle sunglasses and goggles. As the number of riders increased, so did available biker eyewear. As the options continued to change, we realized many of our customers wanted the option of lenses changing with the available light. When we first introduced our Day2Nite Lenses, our customers were very happy! Check them out here:

For more detailed information, be sure to check out our motorcycle eyewear blog posts on our home page on our website: You will find related topics including which features to consider when you are selecting biker goggles and sunglasses. Our blog information is not only for those looking for photochromic lenses. You will find helpful hints whether you need photochromic lens or regular motorcycle lenses. You’ll find more information for motorcycles on our biker goggles homepage here:  Enjoy the Ride!