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Biker goggles provide maximum protection from the wind, sun and debris.  Many customers have told us stories about their riding experiences with our biker goggles. Riders tell us detailed stories about riding experiences. One told us about taking a bee to the face at 70 miles per hour. Another told us about a tire from a car kicking up a stone and hitting the goggle lens. Perhaps the most dramatic story was from a biker saying he took a bat to the face while riding at dusk. Disaster was averted each time because of the safety practices of the rider and a biker goggle from Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. Biker goggle stories don’t have to be that dramatic. Most of the time, biker goggles are simply doing their routine, but important job of protecting your eyes. 

You will find a wide range of features on the goggles as you navigate our website. Polarized lenses, large goggles for big heads, small folding purple pearl goggles that women really appreciate and many other features that make the ride more comfortable. Check out our Purple Pearl Folding Goggle here:

Our goggles provide protection for the biker when riding any kind of motorcycle! Having said that, I admit that the lion’s share of our customer base is from the v-twin world. We have a selection of goggles that will suit the needs of both men and women. Although the goal of eye protection is the same, there are a few features worth noting. Our trusted brands of biker goggles are Kickstart, Biker Chix and Airfoils. Choose your favorite and enjoy the ride!

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